Tuesday, March 31, 2009


#1- This picture represents Shapes because its using squares in the image. It uses different color squares and different sizes of squares.

#2- This picture represents Shapes because its uses all different types of shapes to create a robot drawing. It uses squares, circles, rectangles, etc.. The drawing represents shapes because its made out shapes!


This picture represents Space because of the mountains in background and then all the land in front that creates the space. Flat, open land that has a lot of air in the "space". The space in this picture is all snow before the mountains...the open area of this picture.


This picture shows Movement because the viewer's eyes follow the path that is created. There is movement in the picture with the red color, but also the yellow and orange color. The swirls of the colors create a path for your eyes to follow which is movement.

Monday, March 30, 2009


This picture represents Contrast because black and white show difference in the image. It creates a line where you can see the two colors meeting together. Contrast, in my opinion, are the differences you can see in an image or artwork. It creates a visual difference.


This picture represents Balance because everything is balanced out. By saying everything is balanced out, I mean that the picture is equal to itself. If you were to cut the picture in half and fold it, the whole thing would match except for the flag at the top. There is balance to this picture because the lines are equally spaced out and symmetrical to each other.


This picture shows Emphasis because in the Chevy truck magazine add they want you to look at the "big part of the truck" meaning the engine. They want this so they can compete with Ford, Dodge, and Toyota and have the best selling truck. The truck is angled for you to see the front first, creating on emphasis on the front of the truck. The biggest part you see is this front. Chevy truck adds also want emphasis on the front to show off the best emblem in truck making!!! :)


This picture shows Pattern because of continuously using the same shape over and over agian to create a "pattern". A great example of patterns is quilt making. My example is from a quilt pattern. Pattern is using shapes and designs to create a picture that has multiple use of that same shape or design. Its repeating.


This picture is Texture. The Mountain being rough, bumpy, and hard looking. The wet sand looking soft and smooth like. Both the sand and the mountain are texture because to feel both are two different feelings of a texture. The sand also looks smooth because of a glossy kind of look to it.


This picture represents Color because not just one color is present here. Multiple colors are used to make this image colorful. Color to me is not just one color being used, but different colors being used or the lightness and darkness of one color. (Technically using different shades of a color are different colors in my opinion)


This picture represents Line because the lines make up these pictures. In each picture the lines are used differently to show that you can design unique pictures using lines.
Raceway Park 08'