Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Edward Weston

1. In your words write a short bio of his photographic experience. Edward Henry Weston (March 24, 1886-January 1, 1958) was an American photographers, and co-founder of Group f/64. Most of his work was done using an 8 by 10 inch view camera. The New York Times newspaper reported on April 14, 2008 that Sotheby’s sold an Edward Weston photograph to a New York art dealer for $1.6 Million.

Born in Highland Park, Illinois on March 24, 1886. He was given his first camera, a Kodak Bull's-Eye #2, for his 16th birthday, when he began taking photographs. His favorite hangouts were Chicago parks and a farm owned by his aunt. Weston met with quick success and the Chicago Art Institute exhibited his photographs a year later, in 1903. He attended the Illinois College of Photography.

In 1906, Weston moved to California, where he decided to stay and pursue a Career in photography. He had four sons with his wife, Flora May Chandler (whom he married in 1909)

2. Describe his photographic style and some of his more famous photographs. Daybooks he kept regularly from the mid-1920s to 1934, which give viewers a glimpse into his personal life, his views on photography, and his working methods. He has been recognized as one of the best photographers of the 20th century. He used a lot of naked, natural women in his photographs. He used black and white also.

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