Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From an animals perspective

Taylor is a very unique, sweet girl with lots of love to give. she gives me treats everytime she comes to see me. She is all different shades of black and gray from what I can see. She is shorter than me and 10 times smaller than me. She yells at me when I do something bad. She is very smart because when we go on rides down the road or to the gas station, she points my butt towards the cars and trucks so I don't get scared. She is patient with me and takes her time on things, like brushing me. She is a very talkative person, even though I can't speak English so while I talk with my friends, she is talking to her friends. She loves to go outside with me and loves showing me to her friends. They say I stink, but I can't help it. Taylor is very strong as well. I get really excited sometimes and I take off running. She will yank my head to the left or right which makes me stop.

She will come out late at night when my friends are sleeping and she will lay down with me to do her homework. She comes to my home with clean clothes and always leaves looking really dirty which I feel really bad about. Taylor and I are a great match because we both are goofy in our owns ways and don't care what people think about us. We are a team. We go on midnight rides because she loves the night time, even though she knows I can't see. I know for a fact she is hard working because I see her every saturday morning working at my home from 5a.m. to 5p.m. during the winter and almost everyday in the summer. She loves speed, but has to remember I'm only 1 horsepower, instead of her racecar with A LOT of horsepower.

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